Artist Max Siedentopf Soups Up Boring Cars With Cardboard

“Slapdash Supercars” is a lo-fi, guerilla version of that MTV show that shall not be named.

The era of mass customization has afforded us with the ability to make products our own, but artist Max Siedentopf noticed that we’ve lost our creative edge when it comes to personalizing cars. So he took things into his own hands and started a guerilla art project that involved kitting out nondescript cars with cardboard spoilers, headlights, body kits, and more.

“We live in a time where individuality, self-expression, and status are at an all-time peak,” Siedentopf says. “We want to personalize everything to be unique. However, for some reason the individualization of one’s car has drastically decreased over the past few years. I tried to think of a way to turn the most ordinary cars into their supercars for just a few euros.”

Under the the cover of night, Siedentopf armed himself with cardboard and tape, and added the temporary modifications. He calls the series “Slapdash Supercars,” referencing the fact that he had to move quickly. He hopes people seeing the series are inspired to think creatively. “The series worked well because it shows that you can do fun stuff without a lot of resources,” he says. “Anyone could have done it.”

Though Siedentopf has turned close to a dozen cars, he’s never bothered to stick around to see the car owners’ reactions. “I was always tempted to do so, however sometimes the imagination of what might’ve happened is a lot better than the real thing,” he says. “And a lot less trouble.”

[All Photos: Max Seidentopf]

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