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Where to buy LG’s G6 for the best price in the UK
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Where to buy LG’s G6 for the best price in the UK

Jamie Rigg, @jmerigg

April 28, 2017

The launch of LG’s latest smartphone, the G6, has been somewhat staggered. First there were pre-orders, and then a prerelease specifically for those eager customers. But over the last few days, the G6 has gone on general sale pretty much everywhere. After last year’s ambitious but tepidly received, modular G5, LG has gone back to basics — if you can call ample power, a big and beautiful display and two primary cameras “basics,” that is. Intrigued? Well, here are all the carriers and retailers in the UK that’d be more than happy to sell you one.

Cheapest contract (with upfront)£34 (£130)£43.49 (£10)£29 (£129)£36 (£120)£28.49 (£170) on EE£18 (£400) on EE£26 (£230) on O2
Cheapest contract (lowest upfront)£39 (£10)£43.49 (£10)£41 (£49)£52 (£10)£44 (£0) on iD£36 (£0) on EE£46 (£0) on EE
Unlocked (SIM-free)£650£646

Occasionally LG phones have failed to gain traction with all major UK carriers, but the G6 has curried favour across the board. Contract resellers are the only outlets offering the G6 on these networks without an upfront payment, though, and with a range of data caps within these contract options, they’re worth checking out.

As is usually the case, Tesco Mobile has the best deal among MVNOs. For £34.50 per month and no upfront payment, it’s offering an LG G6 with a 2GB data allowance, besting giffgaff and Sky Mobile’s cheapest contact options.

If you’re after a SIM-free, unlocked model, look no further than Tesco Direct, which is selling the G6 for £629 while every other online retailer is sticking firmly within the £645 to £650 range.