4 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

4 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

Meta: Artificial intelligence can be applied to pretty much anything and so today we’re going to be studying where exactly it’s being used most successfully.

Once upon a time, we considered artificial intelligence to be the stuff of science fiction. Nowadays, it’s an integral part of our day-to-day living. With this being said, many people don’t even realise that they are using AI because it has so seamlessly integrated with the real world. As such, today we are going to be picking apart how exactly we use artificial intelligence in our daily lives and business operations. Keep reading if you’re curious and would like to find out more. To use the cliché – the future is now.

1.) Banking

You wouldn’t expect to find artificial intelligence in banking and yet here we are. In recent years, banks have started to apply AI systems to their services. For example, when delivering  customer support, these businesses are using AI operators to direct people where they need to go. Artificial intelligence is also helping to detect fraud. Using machine learning, AI software can study a person’s buying habits and identify when an unusual transaction has occurred, allowing banks to catch fraudsters and deactivate cards before too much money is stolen. This has saved the banks millions upon millions of pounds.

2.) Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is now being applied to global healthcare and the results have been astounding. Firstly, AI software is helping us to process big data for healthcare analytics, accelerating the process of drug development, medical trials and improving treatments. It’s also helping to identify issues in healthcare organisations, allowing them to correct these inefficacies. Going down a completely different route, artificial intelligence is also helping scientists to develop bionic limbs for people with reduced motor function. The potential of AI in healthcare is staggering – we have yet to see the greatest advancements come. As a result, philanthropic investors like the Tej Kohli Foundation have all flocked to contribute towards this healthcare movement.

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3.) Agriculture

It seems counterintuitive that artificial intelligence could help with the growth of organic material, but it actually does in a whole manner of ways. For instance, AI is helping farmers to keep up with the increase in demand for agricultural services by improving the efficiency of their production. This is of paramount importance as the world’s population continues to rapidly grow. As such, AI tech has been developed which allows farmers to identify and precisely spray weedicide onto certain crops, preventing weeds from disrupting their growth. Artificial intelligence software could even be used to find defects in the land, then share information with harvesters on how to restore the soil.

4.) Gaming

Artificial intelligence isn’t all serious business. Consumer-orientated industries are also benefiting from this brilliant technology. The gaming industry, for example, has been using AI for years to create non-player characters. These NPCs are used either to compete against the gamer or add texture to the world-building. Artificial intelligence is also helping to accelerate the development of virtual reality in gaming.

These are some of the main applications of artificial intelligence in the real world. We have only really scratched the surface in this article – keep an eye out for more brilliant AI innovations in the future.

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