6 drastic cuts in Trump’s proposed 2020 budget

By Steven Melendez

President Trump’s proposed budget for 2020 includes spending increases for the military, Homeland Security, and the proposed border wall, but it also would drastically cut spending at many other federal agencies.

Presidential budgets aren’t usually passed exactly as requested, even when the president’s party controls both houses of Congress, and it’s unlikely the Democrat-led house will endorse Trump’s budget. Still, the document reveals the White House’s priorities for the federal government leading into next year’s presidential election.

Among the cuts Trump is proposing:

    A 31% decrease in spending for the Environmental Protection Agency that would ” eliminate many voluntary and lower-priority activities” and make some programs, like Energy Star certification, funded by new fees

    A 22% decrease in discretionary spending at the Department of Transportation, including cuts to the Essential Air Service program subsidizing flights to remote airports

    A 23% cut for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development “while expecting others to do more” in terms of humanitarian assistance

    A 9.7% decrease in spending for the Department of Labor, along with efforts to centralize IT systems

    A 14% budget cut for the Department of the Interior, including reduced funding for land acquisition

    A 16.4% cut for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including cutting the Community Development Block Grant program

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