600 Chipotle customers got sick in Ohio, and now we know why

By Cale Guthrie Weissman

August 16, 2018

Late last month, hundreds of people in Ohio got sick and they had one thing in common: Chipotle. Between July 26 and July 30, over 600 people experienced stomach discomfort after eating at one Chipotle location in the midwestern state. The embattled fast-casual chain was hit with a lawsuit over the incident

Now, health officials have figured out what caused the illnesses: the bacterium Clostridium perfrigens. According to CNBC, this disease is caused by food being left out “at unsafe temperatures.” Though the CDC has deduced the cause, it’s still unclear which food specifically was the source of the outbreak.

This development will likely further tarnish the already-sullied brand. The restaurant chain has been trying to stage a comeback after other reports of food-related illnesses. CEO Brian Niccol is now reportedly planning to retrain employees on best food-handling practices.

We’ll see if this latest issue will further hurt the restaurant’s sales.