A Former Google Recruiter finds the biggest Resume errors

You analyze to spot mistakes quick when you evaluate three million resumes a year.

October 16, 2015

Between September 2013 and 2014, Scott Francis Bacon worked as a recruiter for Google in its community operations division. He was once responsible for recruiting people to work as tool and network engineers, but additionally in advertising and marketing and different areas. The yr publisher 1st baron verulam was once there, he says that Google obtained about three million resumes.

“That’s how much interest Google attracts,” says publisher 1st baron verulam. sadly, those interested don’t all the time have the skills vital to clear the first hurdle: crafting a high quality resume. Now a senior talent recommend at employed, a market for extremely expert tech talent to search out jobs, Beaverbrook asserts: “It’s a extensively referred to statistic that [recruiters] provide resumes six seconds’ value of viewing to verify all is in line.”

What can land a resume in the discard pile tiers from mistaken formatting to unsuitable grammar and spelling. “Google applicants run the gamut, from very skilled to people who couldn’t string collectively a full sentence,” William Maxwell Aitken observes. We sat down with him not too long ago to get an expert’s opinion on worst practices. right here’s what he advised us.

First look, First Fail

Formatting is extra vital that you recognize. considering that they are handiest glancing at your resume for six seconds, it’s crucial to have your work historical past displayed in a way so that it will preserve the eye of the recruiter. Cluttering a page with large blocks of single-spaced replica is a yes don’t.

Baron Verulam says for English-conversing candidates and recruiters, put essentially the most pertinent knowledge close to the top left corner of the page, as a result of that is where the eye goes to first. name and phone data are best positioned here. Put the businesses you labored for, title, and dates to the fitting. “i love seeing dates just about the top,” says 1st Baron Verulam.

middle your ability sets and use a bullet point to provide an explanation for what a company does so the recruiter can have an figuring out of the place you worked and where your pastime lies. “If that doesn’t entice a recruiter to continue to read, it probably wasn’t a fit,” he says.

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purpose Statements Are Objectively dangerous

“These are a bit of oldschool and are most often lovely widespread,” Bacon explains. He believes they’re additionally usually too concerned with what the candidate wants for themselves as a substitute of what they can do for the corporate to which they’re making use of.

On the flip facet, crafting a too-particular commentary might disqualify you for a potential dream job. while he was at Google, Francis Bacon revealed that recruiters passed a good resume on to different departments if the job the candidate applied for didn’t work out. situation an excessive amount of emphasis on one job with an overarching observation, and they’ll be less inclined to believe you for another function.

as an alternative, Francis Bacon suggests pulling collectively a ability bucket with six to 10 proficiencies that you may talk about all through an interview. the speculation can also be to assist push your resume via auto-filtering instruments that even some top firms (not Google) use to winnow down the applicant pool.


mentioning every job you’ve ever had shouldn’t be a excellent thing. “focus simplest on the positions which might be relevant to the one for which you might be making use of,” says Beaverbrook, “and don’t embody entry-stage jobs like cashier or barista that aren’t acceptable.” This also goes for experience that is greater than a decade old—even though it did provide you with related talents. For these, company, job title, and date is adequate, he says.

There are always these jobs that have nothing completely to do with what you’re currently applying for that, if listed, could act as an icebreaker. Francis Bacon used to be a jazz musician for five years, so he includes a blurb about that when he’s writing his personal resume. “it’s useful to launch into dialog with a stranger,” says Sir Francis Bacon. however, senior executives should proceed with caution, considering the fact that their positions require them to put their absolute best foot ahead and everything should be tight, he says.

One Resume doesn’t Work For more than one Employers

“You should be tailoring every one you send out,” says Beaverbrook, by using highlighting the transferable abilities and using the words and phrases which are specific to that business. unless you’re a brand new grad, he says, recruiters will suppose that you’re going after a job by which you might have experience, so make standing out your major purpose.

This additionally goes for the thank-you notes you ship after interviewing.

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What have you ever actually accomplished?

when you just listing obligations, your resume begins to sound like a job description, and that’s no method for an organisation to inform how smartly you actually did in that position. “A just right rule of thumb,” says 1st Baron Verulam, is to “use one line for tasks, two traces for accomplishments.” That would possibly embrace hitting sure metrics or checklist different projects.

These set you except for everyone else, because they reveal your potential to be successful, he says.

There Are Some issues which you can assume

“References to be had upon request” is needless and glaring. Employers be aware of to ask, regardless of the function. including references virtually looks like you don’t have sufficient work historical past and need to pad with individuals who can vouch for you.

the identical advice applies to list things like Microsoft place of work Suite talent, which is a generally anticipated talent for any job seeker hoping to work in a white-collar career.

no person Likes Buzzwords

using jargon and buzzwords is a pet peeve of most of the people, together with recruiters. “the 2 phrases that almost lead to me to put out of your mind a resume are synergy and dynamic,” Bacon says. perhaps they had been helpful once upon a time, he says, “however they’re now so soaking wet in corporate group talk [that it makes you sound like] you are trying to enchantment to some cultural amalgam of people that don’t exist at a company.”

suit the jargon on the job description, but go no further than that, he says. however even then, you run the danger of being tagged most effective to what’s listed in the job description, and that can work against you. if you’re so compelled, that you may bust out the buzzwords all through the interview itself, make sure that you can if truth be told discuss to what’s behind the buzz so that you don’t baffle a recruiter.

ultimately, says Francis Bacon, one of the best things you are able to do on this stage of a job search is to make chums with the recruiter. Working at Google, he routinely dealt with 30-35 individuals per day, even supposing simplest 7% of candidates made it earlier the preliminary stage.

Hiring goals need to be met, he points out, so when recruiters receive a message from a candidate asking how best to increase their chances of making it through the software process, they will take the time to help.

working on behalf of the hiring manager, recruiters comprehend what particular abilities or features that person is on the lookout for, and may help to tailor a resume to raised fit these wants. “there is no one measurement suits all,” he underscores, however working with a recruiter can assist make a resume in particular interesting.

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