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Anthony Mackie cast as a drone pilot in Netflix’s ‘Outside the Wire’
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Anthony Mackie cast as a drone pilot in Netflix’s ‘Outside the Wire’

Richard Lawler, @Rjcc

June 07, 2019

Anthony Mackie cast as a drone pilot in Netflix's 'Outside the Wire' |


After playing an Avenger in the MCU and a very adventurous gamer in Black Mirror season five, Anthony Mackie has another project lined up for Netflix. He’ll star in the upcoming movie Outside the Wire, a sci-fi flick set in the future where he plays a drone pilot who ends up working for an android to locate a doomsday device. Mikael Håfström (1408, Escape Plan)

Sounds tense — not polar bear tense, but it’ll have to do — and it has another link to videogames. The script is written by Rowan Athale (Rise/Wasteland) and Rob Yescombe, who has credits from a number of games including The Division, Rime, Crysis 2 and 3, and Haze. We don’t know what ideas, if any, could link any of those to this, but back in 2007 Yescombe told Gamasutra in an interview that:

As a [futuristic private military operator] Mantel guy, it makes sense that you play it like a game, because you’re absolved from responsibility. It’s weird that our entertainment is founded on shooting people in the face! The truth is that I enjoy it as much as anyone else, but I find myself weird for liking it so much. That’s less than a big political statement; it’s much more about, ‘What are we, as people who are entertained by this?’

Update: In a tweet, Yescombe tells Engadget that as far as Haze and Outside the Wire go, “the two are wholly unrelated.”

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