Apple marks World AIDS Day by making it really easy to save a ton of lives

Go ahead and polish that Apple, because the tech giant has been using its powers for good. Over the last year alone, the company says it’s helped raise a record $30 million for the Global Fund, as part of its partnership with (RED). That translates to 144 million days of the medication that helps prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to their unborn babies, per a press release.

Now, to mark World AIDS Day, the company is making it super easy to help save lives. The easiest way is to just go to the Apple store and buy stuff with Apple Pay, because Apple plans to donate $1 to the fund for every transaction made with Apple Pay at the company’s retail stores, on its website or via in-app purchases.

If you’ve already thrown down for the iPhone X and AirPods and a new Apple Watch, you should make a donation (because you clearly have money to burn). Or simply enable in-app purchases for Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Soda Saga—all proceeds from sales will be used to benefit the fund. Alternatively, you can donate to (RED) old-school style by clicking here.

[Animation: courtesy of Apple]

While AIDS is less of a threat in the United States than it once was, other parts of the world don’t have access to the lifesaving medicines needed. In 2005, 1,200 babies were born each day with HIV. Today, that number is down to 400, and UNAIDS predicts that that number could be near zero by the year 2020, with the world on track to end AIDS as soon as 2030.



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