AT&T is trying to be cool by combining a retail store with a coffee lounge

By Michael Grothaus

September 25, 2018

And they’re calling it “The Lounge” (I guess “Hipster Tech Bro Central” was taken). “The Lounge” is a concept coffee shop/AT&T store that will open in Seattle’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood on September 29. Teaming up with Ada’s Discovery Cafe to open what AT&T calls a “second living room” for residents of the neighborhood, The Lounge features 3,000 square feet of workspace where customers can order coffee from two Kyoto-style bots and a specially made “siphon-bot,” reports GeekWire.

The Lounge also features product tables of tech offered by AT&T and large displays with a custom app that allows customers to order their coffee or buy the latest iPhone. If you do the latter, you are presented with a QR code that allows you to unlock a locker with your purchase inside.

Love it or hate it, these kinds of coffee shop slash “retail experiences” seem to be quickly becoming the new norm as companies seek to find new ways to immerse us in their brands and create places we want to hang out. Other companies trialing similar lounges include Capital One with its Capital One Cafés, Columbia Bank’s NeighborHubs, and Amazon’s Web Services Lofts.