Automating Your Boat with 12V Actuators

Automating Your Boat with 12V Actuators

Over the past decades, not solely the size of boats, but also the requests of their owners for the onboard comfort have increased. Warm water, flush toilets, and even significantly simplified navigation using a digitally-controlled plotter. These are all just a few examples of achievements of the 70s and 80s about which people did not even dream before.

Thanks to the professionalization of the global market, increased competition, and individualization of needs, the range of small vessels offered has also increased. The clear proof of this is the appearance of different classification types of yachts as a yacht with a central cockpit, aft cockpit, deck saloon, performance cruiser, luxury sports cruiser, etc.

These changes and numerous other improvements to the shipbuilding industry became possible in many thanks to the boat automation, which contributed a lot to an outer look of vessels as we know them today.

Computer-aided design systems, automated design systems, as well as automated production management systems, precise industrial robots, and computer numerical control machines simplify the construction of the boats.  High-Level automation, such as lamination rooms with monitoring of temperature and humidity, or a fully automated painting line with ultraviolet drying, ensures regular & consistent product quality. From all the above-mentioned it becomes clear that the role of electric linear actuators is great as they are the technology that helps to design and manufacture different types of vessels as well as they are the technology that quite regularly serves to be used inside the vessels itself for numerous purposes. Among these purposes are the construction of the automated boat hatches, automated doors, hoots, and windows.

Actuators manufactured for the marine purposes regularly have the IP65 or IP66 protection rating meaning that they are capable to withstand extreme weather conditions from heavy marine storms and exuberant humidity to hot sunny days in equatorial latitudes where the sun is capable to exhaust even the most durable sailors. The most spread type of electric linear actuators 12V ones manufactured by Progressive Automations is widely used for marine purposes. All linear actuators of this company undergo significant testing before reaching the global market and definitely before reaching its owners and automated boats fans. Linear technology of this manufactured poses a high level of resistance to wind and water splashes. Moreover, this technology stands out among its analogs because of its silent operation when performing its workloads. 

Electric linear actuators of Progressive Automations allow installing remote control systems that are capable to manipulate with their performance so that all the work could be done via a single button click. The company provides various kinds of actuators capable to push and pull different weights of loads with different dimensions. Among the variety of products manufactured and supplied boat-lovers will find products suitable for almost all boat types and alternatives for achieving powerful automatization, they have never dreamt of. All the products supplied by Progressive Automations are followed by the 18-month warranty. Within Canada and US progressive Automations collects no duty taxes. Furthermore, the company provides the same-day shipping to its customers to make them fully satisfied with the services provided. However, the company provides worldwide shipping through its distributors around the world.

Electric linear actuators became a powerful resource to achieve new-level automation and improve the quality of modern luxurious vessels widely used by boat & sea lovers. This technology is used for both interior and exterior automation of boat hatches and windows. This provides boats with a significant level of automation and improved safety during an unpredictable storm when the unwanted surplus of water can leak inside the vessel.

Author: Olexandr Pavlov, Content Marketing Specialist