BlackPods let you rebel against the sameness of white AirPods

Where I live in San Francisco you’re starting to see a lot of people wearing Apple’s AirPods wireless earphones. And there’s only one color of AirPods–white–so everybody’s looks exactly the same. Except mine. I am special. I have black ones.

They came from a small company called BlackPods, which does exactly what its name suggests: It buys white AirPods, carefully paints them black, then sells them. You can choose from glossy black or matte black, and that’s it. (It may be enough: Imagine walking around wearing green AirPods! Orange?)

The people at BlackPods told me in an email they were blown away by how good the AirPods sound, which made them want to give the earphones some subtle visual appeal to match their aural appeal.

The BlackPods aren’t cheap; the “Classic” glossy black ones sell for $279 and the “Stealth” matte black ones go for $299. But for the style-conscious it may be worth it. (Apple sells the white AirPods for $159.) If you already own some AirPods you can send them into BlackPods and they’ll paint them for you.


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