Burger King is giving free Whoppers to the Bronx for putting up with all the ‘Joker’ meme tourists

By Jeff Beer

Joaquin Phoenix may have won a Golden Globe on Sunday night for his performance in Joker, but the Bronx is now getting a prize of its own for dealing with the film.

In exchange for suffering through tourists from all over the world climbing the “Joker stairs” on Shakespeare Avenue, neighborhood residents can now get free Whoppers.

To mark the film’s DVD release today, Burger King says anyone living in the same borough as the now-famous stairs can get a free Whopper delivered by Uber Eats using code KINGSTAIRS, until January 12.

Since the movie hit theaters last year, the stairs went from a local landmark to an instant Instagram spot. It joins other famous film steps such as the Rocky steps at Philadelphia’s Museum of Art, and The Exorcist stairs in Washington, D.C. The difference is that those films came out more than 40 years ago, long before the Selfie Age. The sudden influx of tourists have annoyed some locals. Bronx resident Cathyrine Spencer told the Associated Press back in October, “We live in the neighborhood, it’s taking up all of our time, we’re all being inconvenienced. Every day when I come down the stairs, I have to go through a barrage of people.”

Well Cathyrine, you’ve definitely earned your free Whopper. Now Burger King just needs to sign up Desus and Mero as spokesmen.



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