Companies are beginning to break ties with the NRA

The tides may be changing, and it’s looking worse and worse for businesses to be affiliated with the National Rifle Association. The massively powerful gun rights lobbying group has been in the crosshairs of public opinion after last week’s shooting in Parkland, FL. The organization’s spokesperson, Dana Loesch, even attended a televised town hall on CNN where the survivors of the massacre grilled her.

Now citizens are trying to do what the government can’t: make the NRA less powerful. Many are criticizing the companies that do business with the group, as well as calling for full-on boycotts. As I wrote (March 02, 2018), people have been taking to Twitter asking Amazon to stop streaming the organization’s channel, NRA TV. Though Amazon has yet to respond to this outrage, other businesses have.

For example, rental car companies Enterprise, National, and Alamo, have announced they will no longer give discounts for NRA members. Similarly, the First National Bank of Omaha said that it would no longer offer a Visa card with the group’s branding. There are many other companies that do business with the NRA, including Symantec, Hertz, Budget, and Avis, that have yet to make announcements. People are using the #BoycottNRA hashtag to make these businesses change their ways.

Will it make a real impact? Who knows. But even small change is good change.


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