Designers are hilariously mocking Trump’s Space Force logos

By Jesus Diaz

Last week, Donald Trump’s reelection campaign shared a selection of terrible logos for Space Force (or Space Farce, as I call it), the new arm of the military that the president invented to fire up his supporters and, of course, sell merch. In the time since, many designers and Twitter users have proposed their own Space Force logos mocking the original designs–and they’re fun. Let’s review.



The award for thoroughness goes to illustrator Dean Packis, who managed to rework each of Trump’s logos as a different problematic aspect of the current administration. KKK spaceship and Russian Death Star? Check. Galatic Rifle Association? Check. There’s even something for Ivanka and Jared . . . Though that “something” remains TBD, as it does here on Earth.

Twitter user Charles Bingham had a similarly poignant take on the original logos, reminding people of even more Earthly issues that the United States face right now, like raging fires in California, poisonous water in Flint, underinvestment in education, crumbling infrastructure, and pathetic healthcare.


Illustrator Vicky Leta offered a proposal similarly underlining the cost of a Space Force verse that of healthcare:


Here’s Open founder Scott Stowell’s take on the earthly problems the administration is ignoring:

Twitter user Stonekettle’s is conceptual in a gritty, Microsoft Paint kind of way, but I like it.

Then there’s the submission from design legend Milton Glaser, who responded with this masterpiece to a prompt by Bloomberg:


Meanwhile, in Trump’s world:



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