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Etsy’s payment system is causing major problems for merchants
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Etsy’s payment system is causing major problems for merchants

Brittany Vincent , @MolotovCupcake July 06, 2016


Etsy is one of those excellent bastions of the internet in which you can find essentially anything you want to purchase homemade by a talented creator. Unfortunately, it’s going through some very serious payment processing issues at the moment, and causing problems for merchants and customers alike.

Over the last five days the e-commerce site has been experiencing third-party payment processing outages, with the issues stemming around 2 PM on July 1st. Etsy’s forums, Reddit and Twitter have been awash with customer complaints, with merchants left reeling with no explanation for customers and angry buyers wondering what the issue is.

Etsy’s latest announcement on the payment processing snafu came at 2 PM on July 5th as the company suggests waiting for payments and orders to catch up before advising merchants to ship their items. It’s important to note that anyone who used PayPal for payments haven’t seem to have been affected and these issues seem to stem from Etsy’s payment processor Worldpay.

Hopefully this issue doesn’t wear on for five more days and additional details on the outage emerge.