Fancy Bear is feared to be laying the groundwork to spy on U.S. Senate staff

In a real-life game of Spy vs. Spy, a cybersecurity firm claims Russian-linked hackers are preparing to spy on the U.S. Senate. (No one tell them about C-SPAN.)

The cyberattack is reportedly being led by the same hackers who leaked the Democratic Party’s emails during the 2016 presidential election. According to cybersecurity firm Trend Micro Inc., the group, which is usually called Fancy Bear, is now working to access the emails of Senate staffers. The attack is similar to the cyber assault on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign leading up to the French presidential election resulting in the release of staffers’ private emails.

It’s not just the Senate, though. The AP says the hackers are also attempting to get emails for the International Luge Federation, as well as other Olympic-affiliated winter sports federations and anti-doping officials, perhaps in retaliation for Russia being kicked out of the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics following a massive doping scandal.



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