Forever 21 is being sued over an alleged bathroom camera incident

November 30, 2017

Someone allegedly put a camera in the employee bathroom of a Forever 21 store in Providence, Rhode Island. The videos from that camera were then allegedly distributed on the internet to people who are into that sort of thing. Now, the company is facing a $2 million lawsuit from a former employee who stumbled across images of herself using the corporate can, WWD reports.

After finding her image on “multiple pornographic web site platforms,” the employee, identified in the suit as Jane Doe, has charged the company with negligence and invasion of privacy. The suit alleges that Forever 21 had lax security that allowed the hidden camera to be installed in the employee bathroom, when she worked for the company back in 2011.

While WWD notes that it’s “unclear” if Forever 21 ever discovered the camera or if the perpetrator removed it before any other employee found it, the plaintiff holds the company accountable for “negligently, recklessly and wantonly allowing a person(s), whose identity is unknown to plaintiff, to enter the employee locker room and the employee restroom, located in the store.” She’s suing for “extreme emotional damages.”

We reached out to Forever 21 for comment but have not heard back.



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