Gawker Founder Nick Denton: Hogan Sued to hide His Racist Tirade

Hulk Hogan failed to sue Gawker over a intercourse tape, the website online’s founder Nick Denton argued in a submit published (March 26, 2016). reasonably, says Denton, the pro wrestler filed a lawsuit against the writer in order to prevent the release of alternative, much more damning video pictures.

After a jury rewarded $one hundred forty million in damages to Hogan according to Gawker’s publication of a salacious, private video, Denton wasted little time earlier than blogging Gawker’s facet of the story.

Hogan’s lawsuit, Denton wrote, used to be designed “to stop Gawker, or anyone else who might receive evidence of his racism, from publishing a reality extra fascinating and more damaging than a revelation about his intercourse life.”

That “reality,” claims Denton, is some other, as-yet-unpublished video that captures Hogan the usage of racial epithets. Hogan’s problem over the tape’s disclosure is allegedly corroborated via text messages written by way of Hogan expressing worry over the “one more tape that’s available in the market.”

in the post, Denton goes on to entirely critique the ruling and vows to a file an appeal.

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