Google, Other Media Brands Among America’s ‘Most Loved’

Google, Other Media Brands Among America’s ‘Most Loved’

by  @mp_joemandese, May 3, 2018

Google, Other Media Brands Among America's 'Most Loved' |

Google, followed closely by Hershey’s, are America’s “most loved brands,” according to the 2018 edition of an exhaustive study of hundreds of thousands of adults conducted by Morning Consult Brand Intelligence.

The final rankings are based on online surveys of a national sample of adults, which found that Google had a net favorability of 78.7, followed closely by Hershey’s at 78.6. Between 2,500 and 50,000 adults rated each of more than 1,000 companies from January through March 2018.

Including Google, four digital media companies dominate the top 25 most-loved brands. The others include Amazon (ranked No. 4), Google’s YouTube (No. 9), and Netflix (No. 14).

“Stand Out” brands in subcategories also included a number of media brands.

Fox News ranked fifth among “rural” respondents, while MTV, BET, HuffPost and CNN ranked first, second, fourth and fifth, respectively, among “urban” respondents.

Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify and MTV ranked second, third, fourth and ninths, respectively, among young adult respondents.

Pinterest ranked third among woemen, while Playboy, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports ranked first, second and third among men. Search Marketing Daily