Google’s Pixel 4: Ready or not, huge camera bulges are coming

By Jared Newman

In response to unofficial Pixel 4 leaks, Google has decided to release an official teaser image of its next flagship phone. While the image only shows the Pixel 4 from its backside, it suggests that the phone will have at least a couple of lenses, necessitating a larger camera bulge. There’s no sign of a rear fingerprint reader either, so perhaps Google’s getting ready to implement something like Apple’s FaceID face recognition system.

The Pixel 4 might not be this year’s only flagship phone with a more bulbous camera system, though. Sources have told Bloomberg that the next iPhone will have a triple-lens camera system, and a larger camera bulge has popped up in unofficial renders. (Incidentally, Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as “Onleaks,” was involved in releasing the iPhone and Pixel 4 images.) While these bulky multi-lens systems aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, they do have a way of flaunting what’s always been smartphones’ most important feature.


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