Here are the $24 million in injuries racked up by the ‘Jackass’ crew over the years

By Joe Berkowitz

September 07, 2021

When news broke last week that the forthcoming Jackass Forever would be delayed from its October release to February 2022, it broke a lot of fans’ hearts. Lucky for them, however, hearts are relatively inexpensive to mend.

The same can’t be said for all the shattered bones and concussed skulls that the Jackass crew sustained while making four films and three seasons of television over the last 21 years.

As the iconic warning that plays before each episode and film attests, Johnny Knoxville and company are seasoned pros, performing stunts that no home viewer should attempt. A new study from Nova Legal Funding makes clear just why this advice is so crucial and necessary, though, beyond legal reasons. In fact, it offers 24 million compelling reasons to leave the rodeo bulls and jet engines to the professionals. (That’s how much money these guys have racked up in medical bills from their onscreen hijinks.)

Not only does the study reveal this enormous sum. It also ranks Jackass stars in order of highest medical fees and offers an itemized list of their injuries.

Johnny Knoxville, the series’ living avatar and breakout star, leads the list of medical maladies with an astounding $8.6 million in hospital fees. His ongoing physical crucible has included bouts with alligator bites, lost teeth, a memorable crotch injury, and, most expensively, a $2.5 million brain hemorrhage acquired during the making of the most recent film.

Knoxville is trailed by Ehren McGhehey, who has broken his neck three times for your entertainment on the path to $7.4 million in medical care, and Steve-O, who has broken just about every part of his body at one point or another, running up $5.8 million in medical bills.

Fortunately for the Jackass gang, injuries sustained while filming an extremely popular Hollywood property tend to be covered by the studio.

Who knew that, all this time, Jackass was apparently a stealth parable about the dire need for affordable healthcare in the United States?