Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign Kicks Off With A Folksy Ode To “Getting began”

american citizens of all stripes get ready for parenthood, marriage, retirement, new business, new properties, and one is taking a look on the White house.

April 13, 2015

The worst saved secret in American politics was made authentic when Hillary Clinton introduced her 2016 bid for the White house with a web advert on YouTube, introduced on Twitter.

right here we see a diversified assortment of americans getting set to embark on their own main existence adjustments, from beginning a brand new trade to getting married, having kids to finding a brand new job, graduating faculty to retirement, with every imaginable field of the race, gender, sexual choice scale dutifully checked. It culminates with Clinton herself. “i’m preparing for one thing too. i am working for president.”

The advert launched on April 12 with an respectable marketing campaign tweet.

in step with a contemporary CBS ballot, as much as eighty one% of Democratic voters would believe balloting for Clinton. in the meantime the opposition wasted no time in launching their own anti-Clinton commercials, with Rand Paul and The Republican nationwide Committee (RNC) revealing their own self assurance that Clinton will win the Democratic nomination.

Paul’s “Liberty, not Hillary” spot says Clinton represents the worst of the Washington laptop.

The RNC in truth beat Clinton to the punch, launching its “stop Hillary” campaign on Fox earlier than Clinton’s announcement advert even hit YouTube.

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