Ikea’s new U.K. Xmas ad is a home-shaming diss track rapped by house trinkets

By Jeff Beer

There’s a common phrase (and 1996 Demi Moore flick): “If these walls could talk.” Obviously it’s ridiculous to ascribe human attributes to wood and drywall, but what about small trinkets that actually look like they might be able to talk? Definitely more believable. We’ve all seen Toy Story. This is essentially what Ikea has done for its first-ever entry into the U.K.’s holiday ad Thunderdome, in which marketers try to outwit each other with the best Christmas ad of the year.

Created by the agency Mother London, the spot starts out with a couple and their young daughter hanging out in a small apartment. Then the teapot, china figurines, a ceramic panda, a lucky cat, a toy T. rex, and more start rapping their critical analysis of the living space.

It’s like grime meets HGTV. Of course, then the Swedish retailer comes to the rescue to make the place a little more cozy—and a lot less haunted by aggressive inanimate objects.

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