Jack & Jack on Joining Just Dance 2017

Jack & Jack on Joining Just Dance 2017

Viral sensations Jack & Jack – that is, 19-year-olds Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky – have risen rapidly to superstardom since their videos first started grabbing attention on Vine. With their hit “Groove” revealed as one of the songs featured in Just Dance 2017, we asked the duo about their collaboration, their success, and their thoughts on joining the growing roster of Just Dance artists.

You’ve had a meteoric rise in pop culture, starting with Vine videos all the way up to music. To what do you attribute your success?

Jack Johnson: I would attribute it to our diehard fans first and foremost, and then I would say the connection between Jack and I has a lot to do with our success, how we vibe off each other.

Jack Gilinsky: Definitely. In the beginning, that’s why we got the idea to start making Vine videos, and then eventually making music. Our chemistry is what got us to where we are, but since we gained our fans, they have been so supportive and so helpful getting us to where we are now.

With the success, we’re sure your lives have changed quite a bit. How have you managed to adapt? Anything you miss?

JJ: I wouldn’t say there’s anything I miss too much, except for my friends back home that are going to college. But in terms of the lifestyle, I really am happy with what Jack and I are doing, because I feel like we’re a lot more productive right now than we would be in college. There’s really no regret in my heart for what we’re doing right now.

JG: I totally agree. It’s cool going back home and talking to our friends, because we have completely different life experiences now, where they have, in the past three years, gone to college, and we have been in Los Angeles experiencing real-life applicable things.

JJ: it’s been fun adapting to this new lifestyle. Being known to a certain demographic has definitely changed our lives in small ways, but I think for the most part we’re still the same kids, we’re just taking life as it goes.

If you were to pick any artist, what would be your dream collaboration?

JG: Man, any artist, there’s a lot of good artists out there.

JJ: I’d say Anderson .Paak.

JG: Yeah, Anderson .Paak is a beast. I’d say Bruno Mars, he’d make a groovy track with us.

Why is “Groove” a good fit for Just Dance?

JJ: I think Groove is a good fit because it is one of the songs that makes me want to dance the most.

JG: It’s in the title, it’s “Groove.” It’s groovy, and it’s just a great song to dance to, and the fact that such a big company picked it up and is willing to put it in their game and expose it to so many of their fans is really cool. It’ll be a great collaboration.

JJ: It’ll be great cross promotion on both ends. Hopefully our fans will go get the game, and hopefully we’ll make some new fans from the game because of our song. It’s awesome, and we’re just really happy that Just Dance reached out to us.

Just Dance 2017 will be available October 27 on Wii U, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. For on Just Dance 2017, check out our previous coverage:

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