Justin Bieber Crashes Chatsworth charter highschool prom

April 30, 2015

Chatsworth charter high had a star appearance this weekend. Justin Bieber supposedly crashed their highschool prom via shoving his manner in. Bieber wasn’t planning ffn attending the event in any respect. one in every of his spokespersons told Yahoo song “he was once within the area and heard and just crashed.”

the following knowledge was launched via TMZ:

The L.A. Unified school District thinks Justin’s shock dance look put students in danger. A district rep tells TMZ, “His entourage pushed previous the varsity’s safety to realize get right of entry to to the dance ground” … and directors had been worried they wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on the gang.

Justin had been recording on the lot — one thing the varsity says it used to be privy to … alternatively, they were “certain that he would not come out to intervene.”

la Unified faculty District spokesperson Ellen T. Morgan said Bieber came into the experience without  permission and that “his entourage pushed earlier the varsity’s safety to achieve get right of entry to to the dance flor and used to be there for 3 to four minutes.”

It’s a highschool prom and the college officials simply wanted to ensure everyone was once secure, as Bieber was once described as shoving his manner in. LAUSD spokesperson Morgan added:

“From the students’ viewpoint it used to be a as soon as in a lifetime experience to have him at their promenade, however we had been extremely concerned for the safety of each our college students as well as Mr. Bieber. No scholar was once injured whereas he was there.”

lots of Bieber’s spokespersons feel faculty district officers were being a buzzkill. one in every of them brought, “it’s unlucky they’re trying to make this a bad thing. It was superior for all the youngsters.” on the other hand, at the same time it’s necessary to consider the quantity of chaos that breaks free all the way through a Justin Bieber look. faculty officers said they were worried about controlling the group. Regardless, it ended up being a as soon as in a lifetime expertise for a lot of of these college students and nobody used to be harmed or injured.

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