Kamala Harris did not show up to the Democratic debate to play games

By Christopher Zara

The second Democratic debate was befuddling to say the least. With 10 disparate candidates vying for precious airtime on stage, it felt as though most of them didn’t know which point to make, what question to respond to, or even where to put their hands.

One candidate who did not have that problem, however, was Senator Kamala Harris of California, whose clear-headed arguments, fierce retorts, and steely-eyed command of the stage easily earned the loudest applause and most dramatic moments of the night.

Harris did not have the greatest momentum before tonight’s event, but she’ll likely leave the debate stage as the candidate to beat when the campaign heats up in the coming months. In case you didn’t get a chance to watch tonight, here are a few of Harris’s best moments:

Not for nothing, but Harris’s social media team was on it, too. After a tense exchange between Harris and former vice president Joe Biden on the subject of segregation and school bussing, Harris’s Twitter account tweeted this:


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