LinkedIn gets New Inbox however Is The Message excellent news?

November 7, 2015

LinkedIn has been working on the user interface to make it constant, smooth and really image lead for some time, with earlier updates to profiles full it used to be now the turn of messaging.

they have got been rolling it out for some months, apparently starting with the light-weight users and money owed first. We at the moment are seeing it changing into increasingly more ordinary – should you haven’t got it but you’re going to. We lately spent a good chunk of time having a play and here’s our views.

LinkedIn themselves said they “took a take a look at some present features to see how they’re being used by our individuals to offer a brand new and more desirable messaging experience” however interestingly consumer expertise we have now heard in courses has been marginally more negative than sure, probably all the way down to familiarity adjustments however right here’s our views.

the new threaded view

Messages at the moment are tied to a user picture on the fitting, which is superb in the event you best message a person a few instances however when you correspond so much, such as to considered one of your staff or an assistant it makes the interface in point of fact muddled so a steadiness of good and unhealthy depending on your use. picture courtesy of LinkedIn assist …

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when you look at a discussion in the threaded view the blue containers aligned right are messages you will have sent and the grey messages aligned to the left are those you may have obtained – why they didn’t put a heading on the top of the page we don’t have any idea but we did counsel it within the feedback we sent in.

that you can forward messages to individuals, however the interface is not intuitive, you need to make a choice the individual, then the thread after which make a choice ahead from the small top right menu and then pick off the message you want to ship – phew! Many more steps than the older model.

Inbox / Message management

The folder based method of outdated has gone, now taking a more multi function unified sort way in contrast to the traditional e-mail shoppers (equivalent to Outlook and extra) and far more like facebook.

that is an unfamiliar view with a purpose to take the time to regulate to we think but you do have filters to peer unread, messages from connections, InMail and blocked as a filter to scale back the muddle.

the quest continues to be to be able to hunt via all messages new and outdated (however now not deleted) to locate that message you ignored or need again in future.

The dangerous news is that you simply can’t delete individual messages however have to delete the dialog, so no extra cleansing up the historical threads, it’s a must to maintain them all or none.

We discovered that by means of the usage of the unread flag, clicking on the small dot on the fitting, it enabled us to maintain some semblance of order.

sent Messages

as a substitute of the acquainted despatched merchandise folder view we’re all used to in tools like Outlook LinkedIn has adopted a reverse timeline archive – a blended inbox, despatched, unread etcetera in a single big chronological list.

it is very busy and has already began to push James far from the inbox as a natural aggregator back to electronic mail as a substitute, primarily due to the (in his phrases) “messy” view.

while you look at a thread despatched messages are flagged up extra prominently with a blue background however it doesn’t actually help.

again we suspect this will likely come down to how many messages you get impacting your experience.


The truly helpful solution to archive the messages right into a folder that you would be able to evaluate has been killed off, so now it is a case of remembering who or some facet of the message to search for throughout the messaging shopper to seek out these messages (and remembering to now not delete them!)

Emojis / Stickers

I can not repeat what James stated when he noticed these – indisputably on the skilled platform that LinkedIn is (in all probability we’re wrong?) there’s no need for mini clips (or Stickers as LinkedIn calls them) corresponding to the ones under? Now now we have nothing towards a lovely penguin in the zoo, but on LinkedIn with a hat and bag?

it’s value noting that every one stickers / emojis function cult figures in the us and a few from the wider world so be cautious about the use of one with out thought to ensure the spelling or humour works in your area, u . s . a . or along with your connections.

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after all there are lovable animals, animated clips and even coffee ones however come what may it simply doesn’t really feel proper to make use of them to us, it feels extra facebook than LinkedIn.


ultimately we get some new options, some just right reminiscent of attachments, better ahead regulate but some less just right such as stickers / emojis and the dreaded enter to ship.

Enter to send

This has to be the most painful piece for us! if you’re no longer careful a press of the enter key sends the message or pops up the dialogue field to ask if you want to send – um no I want to enter and transfer down (grr).

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Even whilst you deselect this, subsequent time round it’s chosen via default, come on LinkedIn it is a pain – more comments sent to LinkedIn.

Invite administration

Has now moved into the people you may also be aware of section – however that’s for another day.

efficiency Limiting

interestingly the function we now have neglected probably the most is the power to answer in an instant from the highest menu as this has now been eliminated. to reply or interact with any message you will have to make a choice the messaging / inbox and then you could motion it from inside – an extra step we never had ahead of.


we love the new visual interface but are not so involved in one of the different adjustments which have made. it is less efficient however let’s see how all of us get along.

What do you recall to mind it? We’d be interested to your comments.

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