Live Texas power outage maps show which areas are affected as the grid struggles

By Christopher Zara

February 16, 2021

Millions of Texans remain without electricity on Tuesday after extreme cold and winter weather strained the state’s power grid. Texas governor Greg Abbott has deployed the National Guard to help assist those affected, including transitioning them to one of the state’s 135 warming centers if necessary. As of this afternoon, Abbott said power had been restored to about 400,00 homes and that more were expected throughout the day, but he did not provide a more specific timeline.

If you’re looking to track these outages, a few resources let you do that in real time. We’ve rounded them up below: This website tracks outages across the country at the county level. As of Tuesday, the vast majority of Texas providers tracked by the site were showing outages. Find it here.

    Oncor outage map: This site from the state’s largest electricity provider offers information on active outages along with real-time updates about “controlled outages” directed by ERCOT, the organization that oversees the power grid. Find it here.