Managing Your LinkedIn privacy Settings all the way through a Job Search

by way of Virginia Franco January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

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LinkedIn deals many settings, default and otherwise, that affect how your profile gets viewed via the skin world.

To get started, merely log in to LinkedIn, select the image of yourself within the top proper hand corner of the navigation bar, and make a selection privacy & Settings from the drop down menu.

process FEED

Your process feed lists any and all updates you’ve printed, discussions you’ve engaged in, posts you’ve preferred, shared and commented on and even changes you’ve made to your profile.

need to keep this process on the down low? that you could cease others from seeing your LinkedIn process by selecting privateness & Settings, selecting make a selection who can see your activity feed and make a choice “best You.”

that you would be able to increase your reach via choosing your network or most effective your connections.

JOB SEARCH TIP: Share your task with the public as it may possibly increase your business credibility and make you extra interesting to recruiters.


this feature lets you see who has viewed your profile and conversely lets in others to look that you have checked out theirs.

in your privacy & Settings part, you have three options relating to choosing select what others see when you’ve seen their profile:

  • option 1 – Your title & Headline: that is the full Monty – viewers can learn all about you after you’ve traveling a profile.
  • choice 2 – nameless Profile characteristics – hides your title and headshot, but lets them comprehend some details equivalent to your industry and title. people can’t view your profile with this option.
  • option 3 – totally nameless: full stealth.

JOB SEARCH TIP: show your title and headline so which you could collect leads about the people who select to view your profile.

this selection additionally alerts to healthcare sales recruiters that you are in the market for a job or open to exciting the chance!


LinkedIn states it is going to notify your connections of profile modifications for those who add or adjust any one of the most following:

  • a current job place.
  • link to a website
  • advice
  • apply an organization
  • a new connection
  • share content material

that you would be able to cease these notifications from happening by going to Edit Profile settings and selecting “No.

JOB SEARCH TIP: turn to your profile’s community Notification settings simplest after your profile is one hundred% full.

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