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Microsoft’s Surface app shows accessory battery levels
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Microsoft’s Surface app shows accessory battery levels

Steve Dent, @stevetdent

August 18, 2017
Microsoft's Surface app shows accessory battery levels |

Microsoft’s Surface ecosystem now includes a lot of Bluetooth peripherals, including the Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse, Surface Pen, Surface Dial, Surface Arc Mouse and others. Most of those are powered by rechargeable batteries, and so far, there’s been no easy to way to track the power levels. Luckily, the latest version of the Surface App, dedicated software for Surface devices, now shows the “Battery level for Surface accessories” so you can tell whether you need to juice up soon or not.

The new feature, shown as a battery icon in the sidebar, only works with Microsoft accessories, and not all of them apparently. One commenter at Windows Central noted that only the latest Surface “SP4” pen supports the feature, while the older “SP3” model doesn’t. Another commenter notes that a firmware update might be required for other peripherals.

Speaking of peripherals, Microsoft has also changed the way you adjust Pen pressure settings in the Surface app, adding an advanced configuration mode and a graph. Both of the new features are in version 23.0.602.0 of the Surface app, available in the Windows 10 store, which should be available now or soon

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