Newsweek fires top editors who reported on DA probe into Newsweek’s finances

The line between church and state may not exist at Newsweek. The once-venerated magazine has been in turmoil the past few months, and today  Newsweek journalists who have been reporting on that tumult were fired.

Last month the Manhattan District Attorney’s office raided Newsweek‘s office and seized its servers. Since then, reporters inside the magazine have extensively covered the company’s recent woes, which included news that top executives at its parent company have stepped down.

Now, top editorial staff has been let go–this includes executive editor Ken Li, International Business Times editor Josh Keefe, as well as reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul, reports the Daily Beast. These were all staffers who helped cover Newsweek‘s recent business drama. Editor-in-chief Bob Roe was also axed.

The Daily Beast adds that all other staff were sent home for the day.



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