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Next ‘Titanfall 2’ update mostly ignores the robots
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Next ‘Titanfall 2’ update mostly ignores the robots

Jon Fingas, @jonfingas

January 14, 2017

You’d think that any big Titanfall 2 update would revolve around the game’s namesake robots, but no — Respawn wants on-foot action to be the focus next time around. It’s preparing a free upgrade whose centerpiece is Live Fire, a six-on-six pilot-only mode. You have just one minute to either eliminate the entire enemy team or hold a neutral flag when time is up. The mode is important enough that there are even two new maps created just for the purpose.

The release will also include a new Coliseum map (again, a pilot-only mode), a new execution and fresh commander intros. All told, Respawn appears to be acknowledging the contingent of players that’s almost annoyed by Titanfall 2‘s robot-centric gameplay — you’ll have considerably more variety if you prefer parkour-heavy infantry combat.

There’s one main improvement that everyone can appreciate. You’ll have the option to create your own multiplayer ‘mixtapes’ that include just the modes you want to play. If you only see yourself ever playing Amped Hardpoint and Bounty Hunt, you can include both in the rotation without having to switch from one to the other.