Quartet Health just raised $40 million to expand its healthcare platforms

Quartet Health announced today that it has secured an additional $40 million in funding to expand product capabilities across its primary care and behavioral health platforms. This latest Series C round was led by existing investors F-Prime Capital Partners and Polaris Partners, and also includes current funders Oak HC/FT and GV as well as a new investor, Deerfield Management. The round brings the company’s total funding to $87 million.

“Making collaboration between primary care physicians and behavioral health specialists work is a must if we are ever going to improve the overall health of our country,” said Quartet Health founder and CEO Arun Gupta. “The bridge between mental and physical health is being built, and it’s technology that’s leading the charge.”

The Quartet Health platform uses data to identify patients who may also have underlying mental health conditions and matches them with behavioral health professionals. The platform links patients, primary care physicians, and behavioral therapists to improve communication, provide access to better care, and ensure efficient delivery.

“What’s unique about our product is how all the parts are working together to address mental health holistically,” said Quartet Health chief product officer Rajesh Midha. “Today we’re focused on mental health, but that same work can be applied to other areas of healthcare as well.”

The New York City-based company also announced a new partnership with Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield to launch in northern New Jersey. It’s already operating in Boston, Seattle, New Orleans, Sacramento, and Pittsburgh.

Quartet Health is also adding three new members to its board of directors: Carl Byers, an executive partner at F-Prime Capital and former chief financial officer at Athenahealth; Ken Goulet, the previous vice president and president of commercial and specialties businesses at Anthem; and Lanham Napier, former chief executive officer of Rackspace and cofounder at BuildGroup.


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