Quora adds more contextual & behavioral ad-targeting options

The platform is steadily enhancing its advertising offerings.

Quora adds more contextual  and  behavioral ad-targeting options | DeviceDaily.com

Quora launched its ad platform in 2017 with topic targeting. Now, the question-and-answer network is expanding its ad targeting offerings.

Quora announced Monday more options for behavioral and contextual targeting to either narrow or widen audience targets.Quora adds more contextual  and  behavioral ad-targeting options | DeviceDaily.com

Behavioral (people-based) targeting

Last summer, Quora introduced website retargeting to the platform. Now it’s adding interest and lookalike options

  • Interest Targeting — Reach users who have engaged with specific topics by reading questions, voting on answers and more.
  • Lookalike Targeting — Cast a wider net by targeting users that have similar attributes to an advertiser’s existing audience in Quora Ads manager.

Contextual (content-based) targeting

In addition to topic targeting, Quora is adding two new options for contextual targeting.

  • Question Targeting — Ads can show on specific questions and be tailored to that content. This is Quora’s most granular level of targeting.
  • Multiple Topic Targeting — Upload your Google keywords to find matching Topics on Quora and target multiple Topics with your ads.

Location and device targeting can be layered on top of any of these options.

Additionally, advertisers on the platform can now exclude certain questions and certain audiences from their campaigns.

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