Red Bull’s new series pairs global artists to create music out of serendipity

By Starr Rhett Rocque

Who: Red Bull

What: A new series titled Red Bull Check Your DMs

Why we care: There are two constants that bring people together in a world that is becoming increasingly more divided?—music and the digital age. Red Bull has combined the two for its new digital series, Red Bull Check Your DMs. It launches today on Red Bull TV and YouTube, and follows multiple musicians from different countries and different musical backgrounds who have never met, as they collaborate to create a hit song.

The five-episode arc, which began shooting last June (but seems perfectly suited for these times), will feature different artists every week from Austria, the U.K., Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and South Korea, as they provide a glimpse into the creative process of music creation in the digital age.

Episode one begins with the U.K.’s DJ Q as he leads Japan’s Tofubeats and the Netherlands’ Gaidaa, as the latter two embark on their first time creating a U.K. Garage track.

“The fact that Tofubeats and Gaidaa weren’t directly from the U.K. Garage scene was really exciting,” DJ Q tells Fast Company. “Normally, when artists are familiar with something, they approach it in a way which is expected, whether that be on purpose or just force of habit. With them both not being from the scene, it means they would take whatever idea I sent across with fresh ears, and that usually means fresh ideas that aren’t conventional to the genre.”

Both Gaidaa and Tofubeats had a short amount of time to make the track, but they figured out a remote working process that led to the creation of a special product, which goes to underscore the power of talent and a good Wi-Fi connection.

Red Bull Check Your DMs will run a total of five episodes every Friday until June 19, featuring Ryan Hemsworth, Ms Banks, Flava D, and more.


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