Report: Apple won’t punish you for buying an iPhone battery on the cheap

By Jared Newman

Apple is reportedly ending a policy that forbids repairs on any iPhone with a third-party battery inside. Citing internal Apple documents, MacRumors reports that Apple Stores and other authorized service shops may now proceed with unrelated repairs and leave the aftermarket battery in place.

If the repair requires a new battery, technicians may now replace the aftermarket battery with an official one. Shops can also elect to replace the entire phone at only the cost of a new battery if the iPhone has either too much adhesive or battery tabs that are broken or missing.

We reached out to Apple for comment and will update if we hear back.

The policy change would be a win for consumers, especially those who don’t mind replacing an iPhone battery themselves. While Apple’s replacement battery pricing isn’t unreasonable (at $69 out of warranty for the iPhone X or newer, and $49 for older iPhones), it’s possible to buy iPhone battery replacement kits at a fraction of the cost.

Still, a cynic might argue that the policy change will also give Apple a new talking point as it fights broader Right to Repair laws, which would require device makers to supply independent repair shops with parts, tools, and schematics. Legislators in 20 states have proposed such laws, though none have passed that affect electronics makers.


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