Shark Tank: Brazi Bites, Brazilian Cheese Bread Snack, Snags Lori Greiner for $200,000

November 20, 2015

next up is Brazi Bites, in the hunt for $ 200,000 for 10 p.c fairness.

the standard Brazilian cheese bread snack is just not handiest scrumptious, however gluten free. It promises genuine South American taste. With 4 flavors, including publisher 1st baron verulam and jalapeño, it’s certain to provoke.

they are in over seven-hundred grocery retailers, after having gone door-to-door. closing year, they made $ 600,000 and are not off course to make over $ 1 million.

Daymond John, citing his expertise with frozen foods, offers $ 200,000 for 25 percent. Kevin O’Leary then jumps in for 20 percent equity.

Lori Greiner cites her Bantam Bagels stuffed bagel balls as smartly and asks what the variation is, to which they reply that they’re gluten free. She bargains 25 % as neatly. O’Leary then drops his equity to 15 p.c. Robert Herjavec calls it a “feeding frenzy.”

O’Leary desires to get it into extra shops that sells froze meals, however Greiner finds its worth in organic food stores.

They then divulge that they simply own 50 p.c of the company, already having every other investor. That scares away Herjavec and he goes out.

Mark Cuban cites the problem in possibility/reward and goes out too. O’Leary drops to 12.5 percent but Greiner will best drop to 20 p.c. John bargains 20 % too, which causes Greiner to drop to 18 %. Asking her to drop to fifteen %, that concerns her but she will handiest go to 16.5 p.c.

O’Leary and John then exit, but it doesn’t topic because they accept Greiner’s final counter.

last deal: $ 200,000 for 16.5 %.

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