Shark Tank: the thin replicate, body-sure reflect, Doesn’t Wow the Sharks, Walks Away and not using a Deal

October 23, 2015

next up is Belinda Jasmine of the skinny mirror, on the lookout for $ 200,000 for 20 p.c so as to raise manufacturing.

The replicate lets in folks to peer their actual selves confidently. A quite slimmer reflection is seen, which permits individuals to really feel extra confident.

Their website online describes the product as, “giving users the instant visual gratification of a ‘slimmer you’ whereas teaching that the way you select to feel about your body has nothing to do along with your actual form, measurement or weight.”

Kevin O’Leary sees it as promoting a “falsehood” though and feels as if it is actually only a lie. Robert Herjavec needs the details although. 350,000 units were sold, principally from outfitters.

O’Leary cannot get faraway from the deception, however, and goes out. Mark Cuban sees the issue as deceiving the patrons once they seem within the mirror. So he goes out too.

Herjavec likes the speculation of the product but feels as if the customer will really feel dangerous when they get their clothing residence. He goes out as neatly.

Lori Greiner desires to grasp her thought, to which she explains that she developed body insecurities so she wished a reflect to assist exchange the way she saw herself.

but Daymond John sees it as bad and goes out. Greiner consents along with her sentiments but cannot back the perceived deception. She too goes out.

final deal: None.

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