SNL’s cheeky fake ad for jeans has more Will Ferrell butt cleavage than you can handle

By Joe Berkowitz

What: A cracking good fake ad for jeans.

Who: Will Ferrell and the team at Saturday Night Live.

Why we care: Viewers tuning into SNL this week to get a glimpse of Will Ferrell back in his old stomping grounds saw a bit more of him than they might have expected.

In a fake ad sketch that was cut for time but is now available online, Ferrell donned a “fun, flirty” pair of Wrangler’s Peekaboo’s: jeans designed for men to show some butt cleavage. Picture a deep-v. Now picture it deeper. Okay, deeper than that. Now you’ve got it.

The Peekaboo’s joins SNL’s long and storied history of fake-innovation in the jeans space.

There were the “Leevi’s” 3-Legged jeans, back when the show was a bit more copyright shy.

Then of course there was the phrase-coining ad for Mom Jeans.

After Brett Favre’s unfortunate sexting incident at the dawn of this decade, there was an ad for Wrangler’s Open-Fly Jeans.

And more recently, host Ryan Gosling helped introduce the world to Levi’s Wokes, the jeans that welcome everybody.



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