Some developers now have Facebook’s Santa Cruz standalone VR headset

By Daniel Terdiman

May 02, 2018

Facebook CTO Michael Schroepfer said on stage at the F8 developers conference today that the earliest group of outside developers have gotten their hands on Santa Cruz, the company’s high-end standalone VR headset.

(May 18, 2018), Facebook started selling the Oculus Go, its medium-quality standalone. And it’s not clear when Santa Cruz–which rivals the Oculus Rift for quality and ability to do positional tracking–will be available to consumers. But last fall, at Oculus Connect, Facebook said developers would get their hands on Santa Cruz by the end of 2018. So it’s notable that the earliest developers already have their hands on it.

We don’t know how many, or what they’re doing with it, but it’s a good sign that the project is moving forward and, hopefully, that the system will be available as early as next year.