Spice Up Your Just Dance Routine, Featuring Dancing Warriors Mom

Spice Up Your Just Dance Routine, Featuring Dancing Warriors Mom

The Just Dance recently teamed up with local Golden State Warriors fanatic and internet sensation Robin Schreiber, A.K.A. “Dancing Mom,” to spread some joy at the Ronald McDonald House within the USCF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco.

Known for her unique moves during the dance cam segment at Warriors basketball games, Dancing Mom is a master of her own style, throwing unique spins on dance moves with incredible flair and confidence. To inspire all the Just Dancers out there, she taught us two of her signature moves, which she performs on the dance cam at every Warriors game:

“The Splash Brothers”
This one is named after “The Splash Brothers,” or the duo of famous Warriors players Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Wiggle your hands and forearms downward in front of you, like you’re splashing in water.

“The Salad Toss”
Scoop your forearms to side in a ‘U’ shape. Like you’re scooping your hands into a large bowl. And toss!

Dancing Mom also tells us she recently added the moves to “Juju on that Beat” to her arsenal. Fans of the Juju can check out the song on Just Dance Unlimited to learn all the moves.
Now go forth and share your unique dance talents!

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