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That’s something at least
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That’s something at least

Andrew Tarantola, @terrortola

February 02, 2020

That's something at least |

This week has been a real kick in the teeth. The UK actually stepped off the Brexit precipice while the US Congress barely went through the motions of Trump’s impeachment trial. Worst of all Elon Musk released a truly cringeworthy EDM track because sure, it’s not like the week was going to be getting any worse at that point. Still there were a few high points, read on for the week’s headlines that helped get us to Sunday.

That's something at least |

FCC wants to fine one man almost $13 million for making 6,000 robocalls

Who among us in the eternal search to gain “notoriety” and “publicity” for our personal brands hasn’t engaged in a massive, racist robocall scheme targeting more than six thousand people in a half dozen states? The FCC announced this week that it plans to fine on man nearly $13 million for doing just that. Let’s see if they’ll actually be able to collect.

That's something at least |

Marlboro owner’s stake in Juul is worth a third of its original value

You love to see it.

That's something at least |

FCC commits $20.4 billion to help close the rural digital divide

While not slapping down racist robocallers, the FCC also busied itself this week by confirming that it plans to spend more than $20 billion in efforts to bring broadband to the American heartland.

That's something at least |

Musk: ‘It won’t be long’ until the Model S goes 400 miles on a charge

The longest ranging EV on the market will soon be going even farther on a single charge. During the company’s Q4 earnings call this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the Model S could soon top 400 miles, besting its current range of 373. Not to be outdone, GM announced that it’s reviving the Hummer as a 1,000 HP EV that will be released Fall 2021.

That's something at least |

Nintendo’s special ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch is coming March 13th

So the bad news is that we’re not getting an updated Switch at any point in 2020, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed this week. What we’re getting instead is an adorable Animal Crossing-themed iteration. The $300 special edition set will offer pastel-colored Joy Cons and a themed dock, but for some reason not the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, which drops the following week.

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