The best coronavirus quarantine memes: We’re bored to the point of delirium

By Starr Rhett Rocque


This is the point in quarantine life where boredom-induced delirium is starting to set in—if it hasn’t already kicked into overdrive. This uncharted territory we’re exploring as a culture doesn’t seem to be changing much for the better. As our battle with the coronavirus rages on, we continue to stay home, trying to figure out what, exactly, to do with ourselves as we worry about what is happening or what day it is. It’s only the dawn of April, yet this has already been the longest year ever. 

People are doing what they can to stay busy, even if it means letting their minds wander into far-reaching depths of quarantine-induced uncertainty. Here are some of the memes that best describe what it’s like to face deep, existential boredom when the concept of quarantine and chill has become too much to bear. A little mirth goes a long way these days.

Some people really just don’t know anymore 

Tiger King has overtaken everything 

School will never be the same 

Some people on the other side will have more stories to tell than others


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