There’s a “Netflix of noodles” and it’s using on-demand ramen to hook subscribers


Even the most ardent couch potato binging on Netflix shows like Stranger Things and Orange Is the New Black will eventually need to eat. If you happen to be in Tokyo, the Netflix of noodles will give you ramen on demand.

Yaro Ramen, which is known for serving up heaping bowls of noodles and fragrant broth topped with mountains of vegetables and char siu roasted pork at its 15 Tokyo outposts, is going digital. On Nov. 1, it is releasing a new app that will connect ramen lovers with steaming hot bowls of noodles whenever you hit the button. It will also serve up coupons and showcase new menu items, according to SoraNews24. While ramen on demand is always intriguing, it’s not exactly innovative. Plenty of restaurants—and delivery services like Seamless—will bring you ramen at the click of a few buttons. Yaro Ramen is taking things one step further, though, by offering a monthly ramen subscription service. Subscribers get one bowl of ramen a day for a flat rate of 8,600 yen (US$75) a month. Choose a pork broth, noodles with no broth at all, or miso ramen, and eat on the cheap at any of the Yaro Ramen locations each day. Sure you have to leave your house, but it’s worth it for some face time with a steaming bowl of ramen.



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