These 7 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door

By Lauren Steele

When has receiving a luscious bouquet of flowers, a cheerful little potted succulent, or any green-leafed goody for that matter ever been frowned upon? Anecdotal and qualitative evidence suggests that humans are innately attracted to nature and the appearance of the natural world. The theory of biophilia even holds that humans have an innate appreciation for the natural world’s diversity of shapes, colors, and life. So according to science, there truly isn’t a more universal gift than a plant, be it potted or in a bouquet. If you’re stumped with shopping for whatever special occasion is coming up—Mother’s Day, a graduation, or a birthday—here are our favorite sites for bringing some nature into the home.

Another suggestion: If you want to get something that’ll arrive before Mother’s Day, now’s the time to order.

These 7 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door |
[Photo: courtesy of Bloomscape]

For houseplants they can enjoy for years to come

It’s the era of the houseplant, and our rediscovered love for potted plants that we can tuck into our shelves and corners has caused U.S. houseplant sales to balloon almost 50 percent in three years to $1.7 billion, according to the National Gardening Association. And because it’s such a large market now, there are a few companies who hit the direct-to-consumer houseplant model out of the park. Bloomscape offers statement plants of all sizes, from extra-large tropical Monstera plants and tall, delicate Dracaena Marginata Open Weave trees (which are both easy to care for and perfect for beginners) to small pots of trailing, heart-shaped Philodendron Heartleaf and bright Phalaenopsis Orchids. The pots that are included with Bloomscape purchases are classically shaped (i.e., more rounded) and come in a variety of colors.

These 7 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door |

[Photo: courtesy of The Sill]

But if you’re looking for a sleek, modern houseplant for a chicer look, The Sill delivers (figuratively and literally). The Sill pots its plants in ceramic pots that are more subtly hued and offers more variety when it comes to pots, plants, and sets. You can add a message pop to a lovely Fiddle Leaf Fig, choose from three different pot colors for the world’s longest blooming houseplant, a Pink Anthurium, or send a Succulent and Soy Candle set. The Sill even has houseplant subscriptions for those really trying to grow their green thumb.

Bloomscape – From $35 The Sill – From $24

For flowers, trees, and seeds to grow a garden

Anyone growing a garden needs seeds and bulbs. Michigan Bulb Co. makes it incredibly easy to find the best sun plants (such as Daylilies and Daisies), shrubs (such as Hydrangeas), and even fruit trees (hello, Patio Peach Tree!) for wherever you’re planting by automatically matching plants with the Planting Zone that you’re in—so you can ensure the optimal climate for growth—with their handy Plant Finder tool. Similarly, Spring Hill Nursery offers deals on bulb packs of Dahlias and Tulips for beautiful flower beds, stunning Ruby Magnolia trees, and perennials such as Lavender or the Freckle Face Lily that come back year after year. Garden plants truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Michigan Bulb – From $6 Spring Hill – From $3
These 7 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door |
[Photo: courtesy of Click & Grow]

For the perfect indoor garden

Click and Grow believes that everyone should have access to indoor plants, which reduce stress, improve air quality, and increase overall happiness—no matter how small your space or apartment. That’s why the company creates smart, compact self-growing gardens that you can keep indoors—complete with automatic watering systems and grow lights. For each indoor garden—the Smart Garden 3 (which grows 3 plants), Smart Garden 9 (9 plants), and the Smart Garden 27 (which grows 27 plants on a sleek, tiered, wooden ladder)—you’re able to choose from more than 50 preseeded plant pods to grow whatever you want to grow. Or you can use your own seeds.

Click and Grow – From $99.95
These 7 websites will deliver gorgeous flowers and plants directly to your door |
[Photo: courtesy of Bouqs]

For a classic bouquet with all the trimmings

If you’re looking for a classic floral arrangement—Roses, Baby’s Breath, and glass vase included—you can’t go wrong with 1-800-Flowers. The veteran online floral company offers the most reliable same-day delivery in the biz. But if the sustainability and supply chain of bouquets is something that weighs on your mind (which, same), there’s Bouqs. Bouqs partners directly with eco-friendly farms that utilize minimal waste practices, recycle water, and use more sustainable growing methods. The shorter supply chain and transparent business practices make for a shorter wait time and the longest-lasting hydrangeas or all-white roses that you’ve ever seen. Bouqs also offers gift sets.

1-800 Flowers – From $29.99 Bouqs – From $39

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