These are the best airlines if you’re flying with a pet

By Melissa Locker

If your dog is an Instagram influencer and constantly churning out that sweet click-worthy content, at some point your pup is going to need a full digital detox and a vacation off the grid. And even if you’re a just normal dog lover who is moving across the country, you may need to find a pet-friendly plane to help you. Sadly, flying commercial can be dangerous for dogs.

According to a recent study from WalletHub, 10 animals died during air transportation in 2018, and four of the major U.S. airlines had at least one pet fatality. So what’s a pet lover to do with their prized pooch? Luckily, WalletHub is on the case and doing the math to determine which airline is best for pets.

According to the report, four airlines don’t dabble in pet transport (Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit), but among those that do, WalletHub looked at the number of animals that died, were injured, or got lost and weighed it against the total number of animals transported in order to adjust for volume. It figured out the severity of the incidents, then ranked the airlines.

Two airlines tied for being most pet-friendly, with absolutely no incidents of animal death or injury or no lost precious pets. Those are ExpressJet Airlines and Envoy Air.

Pet-friendliness aside, Alaska Airlines had the overall highest score on the list, while Frontier Airlines came in as the cheapest, Delta the most reliable, and JetBlue the most comfortable. Check out the full report here.

These are the best airlines if you’re flying with a pet |
[Image: WalletHub]

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