These California wildfire maps let you track Woolsey fire and smoke forecasts in real time

By Christopher Zara

Three massive wildfires are tearing through California, stretching as far north as the Camp Fire in Paradise (about 180 miles northeast of San Francisco) and as far south as the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. A third fire, the Hill Fire, is torching parts of the Santa Rosa Valley, not far from the town where 12 people were killed in a shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill this week.

Evacuations are currently under way, with tens of thousands of people having already been forced to flee their homes, and hot and dry weather conditions are exacerbating the problem. Per USA Today, the three fires stretched a combined area of 33,000 acres as of Friday.

Using data from various government sources, spatial analytics company Esri has created two interactive maps to help people track the progression of the fires and stay up to date on traffic and smoke forecasts. I’ve linked to both of them and provided descriptions below.

    Traffic map. This one shows current wildfires along with real-time traffic information. It also  shows thermal hotspots detected by satellites. Find it here.

    Smoke forecast map. This one shows 48-hour smoke forecasts from the National Weather Service for areas affected by the fires. According to Esri, it should be updated soon with pins for the Camp Fire and the fires in Los Angeles, both of which just broke out (November 11, 2018). Find it here.

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