This $25 Cardboard take a seat-Stand Desk approach You no longer Have An Excuse to take a seat

The Oristand is the most recent low cost device that allows you to stand or sit down with minimal fuss.

January 13, 2016

it is that you can think of to spend tons of—and even lots—on a sit down-stand desk so one can remind you to stand up when you’ve been slouched in front of your computer too long, or even teach you to face longer if you’re out of shape. but if all you need is one thing to pop up and down and cling your pc, now it’s possible to purchase that for $25.

“We did actually want to make a desk that will be available for everyone,” says product fashion designer Steven Suchy, who worked on the desk, known as Oristand, on the request of Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes, who needed a standing desk himself and was once frustrated on the lack of inexpensive desks in the marketplace.

“We figured on the $25 value level there can be less hesitation to check out one out, even for individuals who could down the road want a full dimension, totally automated desk,” Suchy says. “We concept that making an reasonably priced, easy-to-use product would permit folks to take a look at a standing desk for the primary time.”

the easy desk is created from cardboard, as a result of it can be low-cost, recyclable, and can do the whole lot the designers wanted the desk to do. “Cardboard does appear to be an not going candidate for a desk, however the industrial-grade cardboard that we’re the usage of is truly nice because it is sturdy and lightweight and in a roundabout way very inexpensive,” says Suchy.

It if truth be told is not the primary cardboard standing desk; the Refold, a full-measurement cardboard standing desk, folds up so that you may raise it round. The Chairigami desk, additionally full-measurement, was once designed to be more cost-effective than other options at $65. but the Oristand is even less expensive, and convertible.

“when you are now not the use of it, it just folds very flat, so it is now not in the way in which,” says Suchy. “whilst you do set it up, it is quite immediate—it unfolds in just a few seconds.”

That convertibility is what makes it more precious than a stack of books to your desk—or, say, an empty cardboard box. “we’ve got achieved a little analysis in standup desks and their well being advantages, and whereas we no doubt are not health experts, we found out that modulating your day between standing and sitting appears to be a real merit,” he says. “So we needed to provide you with a design that may enable that transition to be as straightforward as conceivable.”

though it seems easy, the designers went thru a number of iterations ahead of finding something that labored, and also met with several factories before finding one that could make the product in the neighborhood for North American buyers. (The producer they chose, near Seattle, has experience making difficult shoeboxes for Nike).

The desks are to be had now.

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