This coronavirus symptoms map will show you what percentage of your neighbors are feeling sick

By Arianne Cohen

A new interactive map shows the percentage of people with COVID-19 symptoms in your county. Click here to see your region.

The map is a partnership between Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University’s Delphi Research Center, which is surveying Facebook users daily about symptoms associated with COVID-19. Over a million people participated in the project’s first two weeks. While many nifty maps have been released in the service of tracking the spread of COVID-19, this one is particularly user-friendly.

New York and New Jersey are among the highest-hit regions, with some counties showing over 2.4% of the population with symptoms.

The map tracks symptoms, not confirmed cases. Similar surveys are used to help forecast flu outbreaks and can be quite accurate. At the same time, the devil is in the details on this sort of mapping: One small statistical error by, say, a graduate student, can sway the data, though the Delphi Center has previously been chosen as a top flu forecasting center by the CDC.


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