This organic sunscreen startup promises to actually be safe and effective

By Elizabeth Segran

May 03, 2018

Do you remember the Honest Company sunscreen disaster of 2015? If you’re a mom, you probably do. That summer, distraught parents posted pictures of their children with scary sunburns after they slathered them with Honest’s sunscreen that was advertised as safer than traditional sunscreens with synthetic chemicals, but also effective. Honest eventually apologized and said it was reformulating the product.

This organic sunscreen startup promises to actually be safe and effective |

[Photo: courtesy of VIVE SANA]

A brave new startup called VIVE SANA just launched, committed to achieving the difficult task of creating organic sunscreen. The brand uses minerals like zinc and light-protective botanicals to fight off harmful UV rays. The formulation is also free of phthalates, parabens, and other harmful toxins. Daniel Signorelli, VIVE SANA’s cofounder, points out that, contrary to popular belief, there are many organic elements that are great for protecting the skin against the sun. “Plants have been around longer than humans, and like us, they rely on sun but also need protection from it,” he says.

VIVE SANA’s launches with two products, an SPF30 water-resistant sunscreen, as well as an SPF20 face treatment. Both products are formulated to actually repair and enhance the skin with antioxidants, while simultaneously protecting it from UV rays. They cost $55 and $75 respectively, which places this brand squarely in the luxury skincare category.